Friday, May 05, 2006

More Fun in the Park

Today was Cinquo De Mayo Yappy Hour in my park. All the friends turned up bringing their humans with them. I played for over 2 hours so I'm sort of pooped and will keep this short. I took some cool photos to show you.

The brown staffie sort of bitch is Thesby and me and her are good pals. We play hard, she bites my neck and tail a lot but I love it. Today we crashed into the water bucket (you can see it right behind my head) and all the water spilled. I was happy cos I was hot so I rolled around in it and came out looking pretty black. Mom just laughed.

In the picture on the left you can see my good friend Gracie the Anatolian Shephard. You may recall puppy pics of her when I was much bigger than she was. Now she whips my ass. On the right with the frisby is Olive, boy you should see her catch that frisby in mid-air. Pretty awesome. She crashed into Mom the other day and my little mom went flying in the air like the frisby. Luckily she only got bruised knees - I notice she now tends to stick close to the bench or a tree for "protection" from crazy running dogs.

Remember I told you about the French man John who is owner of SuperDog? He is the man who brings the water bucket for all of us and refills it often by walking quite far to a water main. He is quite a guy, he sings to us all in French and is very fond of his SuperDog. Pity SuperDog isn't in the pictures...he keeps to himself mostly or guards the cheese that John brings to the Yappy Hour - he makes it himself (John not Superdog)! You can see John below speaking to a friend. On his shoulder are the kegs he fills with water for us to drink and for me to swim in. He loves us and we love him. Behind him, you can see Ruby the pointer. She is one strange bird that bitch. She is oblivious to man and dog - she runs about pointing and stalking things. I think she is quite off her rocker.

I need to get some shut-eye now. I'm worn out. But before I go, I want to wish my dear friend Alexandra - Miss Amelia's Mommy - a very happy 11th birthday!! Wishing you many more healthy and happy ones dear bitch. You look delightful sitting in your crate below.



Butchy & Snickers said...

Hi Axel buddy,
Wow, sure looks like you had lots of fun in the park with your pals!! Snickers and I always bite each others tail and our legs too. It's so much fun! We're glad you have lots of pals to play with! We get to meet our canine cyber pal LadyBug on this Sunday! We can hardly wait. LadyBug and her Mom & Dad are coming over here to our house. We'll let you know how it goes! Wish you lived close to us too!
Luv & wirey licks,
Butchy & Snickers

AbbyDogBlog said...

Looks like a really good time! :)

We don't go to the dog park because Abby doesn't like it when other dogs get into her face. She doesn't have the best "dog" manners because she wasn't raised around a lot of dogs.

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Wiry Axel said...

Who dares to put spam on my blog. I will bite you bad person!!