Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Brief Friendship

So last night, I heard loud chirping in the middle of the night. I started growling and running downstairs to demand to go out and check out what the racket was all about. Mom and Dad weren't very happy as they were trying to sleep - it was about 3 a.m.

Dad finally let me out thinking I needed to pee - humans are funny, I don't always want to go outside just to pee or poop!
Anyway, there in my very own backyard was a little baby bird! It was it's momma who was making all the noise. I rushed out to look closer. It sure was a sweet birdie. It didn't cross my mind to attack it or harm it, I just enjoyed sitting and looking at the little creature.

Dad got weary after a while and tried to grab my collar and haul me in. But the momma bird went nuts and tried to peck him!! Then Mom came outside in a very bad mood - she likes her sleep - told Dad he was being silly, charged outside, grabbed my collar and shlepped me inside! The momma bird didn't try to peck her!! She must have been afraid of Mom.

So that was my brief friendship with a baby birdie. Mom and Dad were verklempt that I didn't try to harm it as they would have expected. The next day the baby was still there but on the gate, but a few hours later, it disappeared. I sure hope Blanche the cat next door (belonging to my nemesis Rex) didn't eat it for lunch!



Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Axel,
That was so sweet of you to watch over the baby birdie! It probably wandered too far away from the flock and it's mama was just trying to coax it back. Why don't you tell Rex to wear ear plugs! hehehehe! (send him some in the mail!) Our neighbor's dog barks all day long for no reason at all! I bet Rex's cat meows all night long. Don't let the cat get your baby bird either. Tell your Mom & Dad to have a wonderful wedding day and we're sorry you don't get to be there.
Wirey licks & kisses!
Butcy & Snickers (and Mom too!)

AbbyDogBlog said...

Those are very sweet photos! :)

Agatha and Archie said...

Axel,Very nice of you to watch over the bird buddy!! Don't know if we would have had the same patience!!Tell your Mom to make her feel better that we have started barking all the time too( night and day!!) Our parents are not happy at all........and there are 2 of us! Tell your Mom and Dad we wish them all the best and a big mazel tov!!!!!!!!!! for their big day!! Lots of licks(and barks) Agatha and Archie

Wired for Mackie said...

Axel, man- what were you thinking? You are a wire fox, right? My mom saw that there was a baby bird in my back yard and tried to keep me inside so I couldn't get to it. Then I broke out and killed the little thing. Mom was not very happy with me, but hey, that's what I do. Now I have birds, squirrels and bunnies under my collar. You may have to come visit me for some hunting training. (Of course, my mom wishes i were more like you...sheez!)
Your pal,
The great white hunter, Mackie