Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stymied...for now

Yesterday was supposed to be Laporte's hearing and sentencing, but the defense lawyer asked for a postponement and got it! We are all very disappointed as we were so ready to champion our cause. Our friends in Montreal were armed with binders of our petitions and CDs that Mom, Christine and Elizabeth worked so hard to compile; the media were all coming and many others including foster parents; people who helped in the rescue of the wires and even my pal Bingo!

But, I Axel G Chocholoza am the eternal optimist. This setback is not going to make me depressed. Instead, I see this as an opportunity to add to our petition binder print outs and get many more signatures! We are now at 13,766 - I am sure we can get to 20,000 by the next hearing date scheduled for April 8. And I am very proud to tell you, we have signatures from 64 different countries, WOW!

Besides, word on the ground in Montreal is that the press are still interested in the story and were very impressed with our petition. They interviewed Elizabeth and Bingo - I hope to get that link on the blog soon so we can all watch it.

Mr Laporte, enjoy your freedom for 2 more months, you will get your just desserts yet!

In local news, we got 3.2" snow yesterday. I've been having lots of fun hopping about. Photos soon, me promises.



Bogart said...

Axel my pal!

You haven't gotten your treats yet??? That's strange... I'm gonna send ya some new ones out right away.

I wouldn't want my pal to go without!


PS - you haven't moved have you? Mom sent them to the same address she sent your Christmas card last time...

Gus said...

Tell your mom she gets lots of pats on the back. And you get butt scritchies, cause we know you were a big help.


Scruffy & Lacie said...


Hey we need some new pix of ya Axel...Lacie likes to print em out and hang em on the walls!

We like ur optimism, Ax...more signatures is righto!! He's goin' more ways than one....

Treaties for all ur hard work!


Jackson said...

Axel, I'm sorry that the case was postponed, but like you, I think we have to stay optimistic. J x

William Tell said...

We can't let our guard down with that fellow! Thanks for keeping us informed.

William Tell

Lenny said...

I am so frustrated that it got postponed. But thanks to Elizabeth and Bingo and you and everyone else, I know this will have a happy outcome! Keep us updated!

Your friend, Lenny

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We googled LaPorte to find out what happened to him and this is the only info we found so far. Thanks for the update. We hope when he finally is sentenced, he will get the max and lose all rights to his remaining dogs.