Sunday, December 09, 2007

"FERMEZ LAPORTE" Update and Don't I look dashing?

Mom and her friends continue the crusade against Marc-Andre Laporte - the convicted wire fox terrier abuser in Montreal, Canada who has the gaul to ask the court to return the very dogs he abused back to him on February 22, 2008. To all sane humans and dogs, this is clearly an INSANE proposal, so the petition, aptly called "No Dogs for Laporte" or "Fermez Laporte" continues. Signatures now stand at close to 1500! If you haven't signed yet or told all your friends to sign, please do now at:

We also ask you to write a letter of protest and mail it to:
Elizabeth Pierce
119 16th Street
Roxboro, Québec
H8Y 1P1

We are hoping that both the petition and the letters will be presented to the Judge Sirois, and that as a result, Sirois will say, "No dogs for you Laporte, get your pathetic ass to jail!"

And now in other, more cheery news - I got a haircut Friday just in time for the holiday bash at Asta's place in NYC. As you recall, I had a horrible haircut courtesy of Pet Stupid a few months ago - they destroyed my coat by shaving it. Color and texture went out the window. But thanks to new groomers, Pooches Choice, I have been restored in two sessions over 3 months, to my former glory. This is what I looked like before my session on Friday:

I do look cute as can be in my scruffy mode and you can see that the colors were starting to return on my shoulders and back. But look how dashing I looked after my appointment:

Mom and Dad did a jig when they saw me, they keep oohing and ahing about how handsome I am, and who am I to protest their praises?

Hanukkah continues, sans latkes - my mother is very lazy indeed. Today is the family party at our cousins and I am NOT invited because they have a new Yorkie pup and I guess they're nervous I might mistake it for a hairy, yappy latke? Harumpf! So I get to stay home - at least Mom gave me a juicy marrow bone to enjoy to assuage her guilt.

Thank you to Bigfoot Fletch and Maxie for the cute Hanukkah gift that arrived on Thursday. It's a blue Hippo with his name "Zaftig" embroidered down the side. Mom explained that "zaftig" means "FAT" in Yiddish. Amazing that they're making Yiddish/Jewish Hanukkah gifts in China! Mom went holiday shopping yesterday for today's party and was dismayed to see that practically everything she picked up to buy is made in China! We are trying to boycott due to their terrible record in animal rights and environmental issues - but holy cow, it's difficult!

Now, don't forget to sign our petition!



Anonymous said...

Yo, Ax! Long time no read. Are you still incorrigible? Now about your lazy-ass mother.... :-D

Dean-O! said...

Hey Axel!

Sorry that you missed out on the Yorkshire PUDDING':¬}

Asta said...

That is mawvelous news about the petition! you have done so much! thank you!
I got youw cawd yestewday.thank you so muchit's bootiful1

I loooove youw haiwcut, you look supew! pawfect fow all the holidays!
smoochie kisses

Gus said...

Great hair-do job Axel. Wish we had some people in Azrizona like those guys who are helping you.

Congrats to your mom and her able assistants on the petition success.

Happy Chanukah

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


Glad to see you have your rich colors back, you do look dashing. My Dad prefers my scruffy look. Mom thinks I look regal when I get plucked.

Luna licks,


wiredogs said...

Your mom dances a lot of jigs.

William Tell said...

Glad the petition is going so well. We feel very strongly about this one.

You new 'do looks great, by the way!

William Tell

Lenny said...

Axel, the new 'do is very dashing. Congrats and thanks to your mom for spearheading the effort against Laporte. Happy Hanukkah!

Your friend, Lenny

Ricky Pepper said...

Oh boy-your coat looks great, buddy. You have come a long way with that! And it's jig-worthy I might add!
Glad to hear about the success of the petition.
Mommy already can't wait for winter to be over and wants to begin planning dog dates in parks.
Teddy left yesterday :( Mommy is still trying to devise a way to combine her love of animals with her occupation...
when the heck is my howliday gift going to GET THERE!?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh, Axel - You look so HOT with that new do! You and your folks look great on your card too! Thank you soooo much.

Maxie T

P.S. Zaftig means "pleasingly plump" or so my Mom told me when she called me "zaftig"!

Unknown said...