Friday, November 23, 2007

Detour Back to Puppyhood

I've been telling you that I am a mature 2 year old boy now. I have stopped chewing things up and getting up to evil mischief. That is not to say I am not a typical Wire Fox Terrier - I am still full of fun and energy!
But I have calmed down so much, that everyone has become very complacent around me, making the mistake of trusting me to behave at all times. Ha!

So the other day, Mom's friend Lynne came over - Lynne loves dogs but can't have her own right now, so she comes to the dog park and enjoys socializing with all of us. So after the park, she came home with us for dinner and while her and Mom were tucking into cottage pie (known as Shephards pie here), I investigated Lynne's purse and had a jolly good time. I especially enjoyed chomping and destroying this cylindrical plastic things...

When Mom and Lynne discovered what I'd been up to, they laughed real loud - and then Lynne started clowning around...

I'm glad they didn't mind what I'd done - evidently I did good as they both looked very happy!

In other news, Miss Amelia sent me the most awesome Hanukkah gift box. I was very naughty cos I totally ignored the big instruction on the box that read, "Do not open before Hanukkah". Sorry Miss Amelia - you know patience is NOT one of my virtues! I did wait a few seconds, but then I opened the box and did a jig. Mom would only let me have one toy at a time, so I chose the awesome duck with the rope neck and squawking voice. I have played with it non stop! Thanks Miss Amelia - and we all hope that your daddy is feeling better after his knee operation!

PS Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I went to dad's parents last night and had a jolly good time. I spent most of the evening jumping up and trying to get turkey!


Asta said...

Youw Mom's fwiend Lynn looks like a gweat spowt. i had no idea wht gweat eawwings those things make..maybe she'll stawt a new twend, and you can get woyaties,heheh
You aweady got to open a hannukah gift????wow pawsome, I love that chicken! have fun with it..All of us wegwess at times even hooman gwonups so don't wowwy1smoochie kisses

Gus said...

Hey Ax: Teka digs those things out of E.Beth's purse all the time. If they are the scented ones, it makes her breath smell sweet. Think about it!


Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


Mom & Dad get complacent with me. But every once in a while I revert to my puppy or maybe Wire Fox Terrorist ways. I just don't know what comes over me? I am sure glad your Moms friend has a good sense of humor.



Faya said...

Your mom and her friends are great clowns !!! hahahahaha
Kisses, Faya

Ricky Pepper said...

That picture made us laugh out loud, literally. We have destroyed entire boxes of those cylindrical thingers, as a team!
I wrote a letter to Santa Paws today (see post) and I thanked him for you and your momma, for hokking me up with my MOMMY!

xoxo and Happy (belated) Turkey Day,

PS - We've been completely ignoring the neighbors and it seems to work!

Agatha and Archie said...

We think that chicken looks FABULOUS!!! ANd the regression happens to us quite frequently,so don't even worry about it!!!!! Love A+A

Sophie Brador said...

Ax, You are so funny. I think you need to read my book, Are you there DoG, It's me Sophie. Ha ha. Nice to meet you today!


Asta said...

Ooh Axi's Mommi
I didn't know you wewe a you mean it??/I could see AxiPaxi???/That would be evew so wondewful!!!!
thank you in advance!!!!! now I hope the west f my wequests get heawd witing was not vewy neat!
I hope he won't hold that against me
smoochie kisses and sweet dweams

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Yo Ax...Mumsie had a cat once who had a fettish for those thingys you were chewin' on. She and Daddy were moving and the moving men found about 20 of them under the bed unwrapped. It was pretty hard to 'splain. I found one once that was attached to um...well...let's just say it was attached and I pulled on it. We'll draw the veil there and you can JUST use ur imagination. It was UGLY.


Lenny said...

Axel, your mom and her friend are pretty funny! Those plastic things look like good toys. It was nice of Lynn to bring it for you. ;)

Your friend, Lenny

William Tell said...

That toy looks like the pheasants we have here, very colorful, though I've never seen one lay down like that. Usually they're flying away from us.

William Tell

Jackson said...

Hahahaha! Good work Axel! J x

Snowball said...

Great job, Axel!