Saturday, October 06, 2007

New Movie!

Well Mom and Dad are getting better and creating and editing video...I am proud to present my second video to you all entitled, Axel and Dad Have Fun at the Park.

Click on the link below to watch the 1:32 minute video:

Viewer discretion advised. You may suffer a heart attack if you have never seen a wire running off leash in an unfenced park ringed by heavy traffic. I am an unusual wire in that I am happiest off leash and never stray far from my parents. I have grown up playing in this park from 12 weeks old, so I know the lay of the land very well, as do most of the dogs there.

Before I leave, I want to wish my pal Butchy a very happy 7th birthday!! Sorry I couldn't make the party dude, I heard you needed a passport to travel to Iowa now, and I left it too late!



Gus said...

Axel...watched your video and muzzer is soooo impressed. I am pretty good off lead, but not nearly as calm as you seem. Smart dog, you know who loves you, right?

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Wow..Axel..your Dad can sure run far and fast. And he is amazing off leash. It's a good thing he stuck right by you with all of those busy streets!! Hey, we're worried bout Ricky's mom...she had that angry internal organ...Pan C. Reas we think. Have u heard anything from her?????

Jackson said...

Hey pal, great vid! I love your curly tail! J x