Friday, September 21, 2007

Could I be allergic to HOME?

While I was staying with Ricky Pepper, my allergies did not flare up and I was fine. No itchies! Now that I am back home, they are back with a vengeance and worse than ever. Mom is so upset - we can't figure out what is making me sick like this!

Today Mom was horrified to notice red welts all over my chest and legs. My whole body is red and blotchy and my eyes are very red. I am so uncomfortable. Look at my skin!!

Mom hasn't used a new shampoo or laundry detergent. She doesn't shampoo the carpets, only vaccuums. I am eating the same food. So what could make me suffer from allergies here but not at Ricky Pepper's place? Am I allergic to the city?

Despite it being Yom Kippur, Mom went to the store at 10PM after synagogue to buy me Benedryl as suggested by a wirey friend. I took one but no improvement yet. Mom also changed all the bedding and turned on the aircon to cool me down because my body feels hot. Mom thinks I may have to go to the vet again I took my last Temaril P pill...

Please pray for me and ask the Rainbow Bridge Gods to take away my horrid red blotchies and itchies. I'm a good boy, I don't deserve to suffer so.



Gus said...

Oh poor Axel...Your blotchies and bumps look very hot and itchy. We hope the Benadryl is what muzzer takes for itchies too. We will put you in our prayers tonight, and hope to hear better news soon!

Kissies from Gus and Teka

fee said...

have you always had these itchies, axel? it could be something that's growing near home that's giving you the itchies, not home itself. perhaps u should take note of where you go during your walky walkies?

someone highly recommends apple cider vinegar for skin problems but i haven't tried it myself. i do hope u'll get well soon!


Jackson said...

Poor Axel, I hope the itchies get better soon. Maybe your vet should do an allergy test. It might give you an indication of what is causing it. J x

Ricky Pepper said...

Oh poor Axel, mommy feels so bad for you. We can't imagine what is making you so itchy at your house but not at ours. Mom said you even laid in the grass in the back yard at my house and no itchies. Oatmeal helps to soothe itchies too. Maybe your vet can put you on Doggie Zyrtec? It seems to be your feet and belly that are most affected so it must be something you walk or lay on. Does the city treat the grass you walk on or use any industrial stuff on the street or sidewalk? Could it be the chlorine (if there is any) in the fountain you swim in? My mom didn't take you swimming while you were with us, only a bath so maybe that's it? Mommy said also check for mold because she is very allergic to it and maybe you are too.
Hope you feel better soon buddy! If it gets too bad, you may return on a "health sabatical" - mom says she misses you anyways :)

Ricky "Velcro to mommy" Boy
(Lately mom feels as if she's grown a dog out of her leg - I've been so clingy she's even tripped over me!)

Asta said...

My poow sweetie..I will cwoss my paws and pway fow youw itchies and blotchies to go away!
I think it's tewwible that this is happening to you. you awe a vewy good boy!
smoochie healing kisses

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Ahh Axel, this just stinks bigtime! You're're back with your beloved parents...and you itch. Man....perhaps ur mom could call or email the vet school at Ohio State University. They are very very well known for their vet care. There must be someway to figure out what enviromental allergies you have. This is so not fair for a sweet boy like you. We'll do some searching on google and see what we can find.

Soothing non itchy barks,
Scruff and Lac

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should try going back for 1 night and if you clear up, you'll know ift's definitely an allergy around home. Then, at least you know once you figure out what you're allergic to, you can get rid of it all together.

Maybe stay in for 2-3 days, then you'll know if it's something at home or outdoors.

Good luck, my friend!


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Axel, Mumsie did some looking on Dr. Google...(she is a nurse and Dadsie is a doctor..) They CAN do skin testing on dogs. You need a dog allergist! Does Penn have a vet school?? I know there are some really good vet places in the New York area. Can your regular vet maybe refer you to someone who sees more of these? Or get a second opinion? I know that by Ohio State in Columbus, they have vets with practices that are affililated with the vet school. Perhaps there is something around Philly like that? You are just so miserable that we feel horrible about it. We're thinking of you, Pal...

Scruffy, Lacie and Mumsie

Koobuss said...

Oh dear!

Poor Axel. Do you think that you could be allergic to your parents?


Good luck, Ax!!

Love and Koobuss Kisses,