Friday, July 13, 2007

The Truth Comes Out

Mom finally found out the truth. I wish I could speak, I would have told her sooner. Mom called to speak to Melissa my groomer and finally got through to her. Melissa told Mom that she DID NOT groom me. Of course I knew that, but Mom didn't, she only suspected that to be the case. Melissa explained that the salon manager, Josie, insisted that some novice groom me instead because he needed to earn his certification - I believe you have to groom certain breeds to earn this.

I have never seen Mom so angry. Mom detests LIARS above all else. That the salon manager lied to Mom - that she made excuses saying they were busy and that Melissa was leaving so maybe she didn't care as she usually did - is disgusting. She knew all along Melissa was innocent and she LIED, LIED, LIED.

Mom is now taking this to the top. She called the store manager, but he is on vacation until Monday, she spoke to the second in command. He assured Mom that all necessary action would be taken.

I'd say Josie is in big doo-doo!



Smitty said...

Poor Axel, I bet you were wondering who that strange person was cutting off all of your hair!

Liars don't cut it with my mom either!

Your pal, Smitty

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Oh dear, Axel. You don't know me. I'm a 1 yr.old Wire from the "Burg" in Pittsburgh; the western half of the state. I live with Lacie, my new sister a 5 mo. old Lakeland from Philly. (She says woorter for water.) Anyway, I had a hair disaster like that last year. You will grow out and get your spots back nice, black and wirey. Patience, Axel. I love ur blog. Lac and I need to figure out how to do one. I'll send u some pierogies...real food instead of those cheese steaks Lac likes. Wiry kisses and sympathy, Scruffy

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


The power of the web is a wonderful thing. Post the name of the store so other Philly terrier breeds don't get scalped as well. Your Mom should inform the store manager your blog has a very big following. Unless of course the store manager does something about Josie.


Jake of Florida said...

Dear Axel,

Thanks for stopping by. We've read your posts before 'cause Mom lurks on "the big list." And we also knew about your Mom's wedding (our Mom is originally from Philly too and has lots in common...)

Your botched haircut made us both sick. We can just imagine how horrified and angry your Mom was when she saw it. I know that if you let your coat grow out and don't clip it again your wiry jacket will grow back -- but the perp needs to do some time to make up for her sin.!!

Anyway, wires rule, temporary unwiry coat or not!!

Jake and Just Harry

Momo :) said...

ohhhh poor Axel! I wish I can make you feel better!!

Momo xoxo

Anonymous said...

Dear Axel,

Yes, to get their certification they have to groom different breeds. Our Mom's second Wire went to the testing board for one of the groomers that used to groom her. She only got a C's on her but she sure looked purrteee per our Mommy. We have had a few horrible grooms of lately. Since Mom and Dad moved they haven't found a groomer to do the job. Love to you,
Angel and Gabriel your buds in SC

Ricky Pepper said...

Hey Axel,

Tell your mommy I can come down to Philly-I am not too far-and stand outside of that groomer with a sign that says, "Liar, Liar, Groomer on Fire!"

Hope you are feeling less itchy today.


Jackson said...

Hey Ax, really sorry to read about your hairdo trials and tribulations. You're still the same handsome dog underneath though! J1's previous WFT had SO many bad haircuts that she went on a grooming course to learn how to do it herself.
J x
PS Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. J1 was delighted that you like her graphics. She's not a graphic designer but has recently got Photoshop!

Dean-O! said...

You should SUE that salon!

After all, you are in America...

Litigiously yours,

fee said...

what dishonesty! i can't believe they did that. i do hope that you'll get your colours and wiry coat back soon. the salon ought to give you a refund for not carrying out their end of the bargain accordingly!