Thursday, July 05, 2007

Precious Pals

Last night was no picnic. All day I'd heard firecrackers going bang! bang! but those little bangs didn't scare me - I just barked at them to go away. Mom, having a blonde moment (apologies to blonde friends) - thought it would be a swell idea to take me to see the fireworks display behind the Art Museum. At worst, Mom thought I'd just bark my head off.

She was totally WRONG! I was TERRIFIED. Never been so scared in all my life. I just took off at a sprint, Dad in tow holding my leash, and raced home. Once home I dived onto Mom's lap (she was wracked with guilt of course), soaked from the rain, and shook and quivered for an hour. The BOOMS went on for what seemed like hours - I thought our house was coming down. It was beyond horrible. I was so spooked, I was still scared to leave the house this morning...I hope I never have to hear that god-awful noise again...

Anyway, on to more pleasant stuff. I am very excited at the prospect of possibly meeting THREE new wire friends this weekend, and I don't mean online like usual, I mean IN DOG (like in person...). Mom heard from Bebe's parents and Elliot's parents (that cutie at right is Elliot, he's 5 months old), and we're trying to get together at Bebe's house. I think Mom is way more excited than even I am. Hopefully Bebe's cousin Willie can make it too. Bebe will be much sought after I guess, as she is the only bitch amongst us princes.

Maybe one day we can have an East Coast Wire Get Together and my friends Mackie and Finn can come from Maryland, and Smitty and Pippin could come from New York State, and Koobuss and Rocky could come from western Pa...boy oh boy...wouldn't that be swell! I bet I am forgetting others...Maybe we can rent a fenced field somewhere and have it catered! I think this is the best idea, I, Axel G Chocholoza, has had in a long time. Speaking of Mackie and Finn and Smitty, I have some pics of them. Here is Mackie and Finn hanging out (left) - and there is Smitty (right) enjoying a toy he won in the FTN "Find the Fox" contest! Mackie, Smitty and I are big wiry guys compared to most wires...

Of course, smooth foxies would also have to be invited, we don't discriminate. I know Lennie and Lottie live far away, but maybe they could bring their sprinkler with and provide some of the entertainment. Just look at these guys having fun in the Summer heat...boy Lottie sure can jump high!

Now I'm thinking, what about our non-foxie friends? Maybe we can also make an exception for canine cousins and their family members? I'm thinking of Pepper of course - doesn't he look grand in this latest pic with his sister Lucy, he sent me for July 4th?

We foxies have hearts as big as our appetities, so I think we all agree, non-foxies are welcome too...especially if they come bearing snacks!



Lenny said...

Hi Axel! I think your party sounds like a great idea.

BTW, I guess I'm skinny because my humans won't give me any people food, and I'm vegetarian. Also I go running with my mom a lot. She's not as skinny as your mom yet! :)

I'll give swimming another try - I know I'll get thrown into that lake whether I like it or not!

Your friend, Lenny

Asta said...

Hi Axel,
That pawty suwe sounds like fun, I'd like to come too pweez...I play with lots of fwiends at my wun, and get along with everydoggie, but there's not ONE single wire among them..I don't know if I could wun all the way to your house, but I suwe would twy if invited
sowwy you had such a tewwifying time
smoochie kisses

Ricky Pepper said...

foxie-doxie close enough! Tell us when and where! hehe

lovie love
Ricky Pooper

fee said...

agh. wish i lived closer...

Gus said...

OK, sign us up. If you all want to come to Azrizona in the winter, we gots a great big yard, fenced and sprinklered. How many wires can you fit in half an acre? Let us know the date

Anonymous said...

Hey Axel,

A foxy get together - that sounds great! Maybe Ozzy & Romeo would like to come too. I guess my big sister Jessie would qualify as a foxy relative.

Bring on the food - and NO FIREWORKS!

Your pal, Smitty

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...

Hi Axel,

I don't like fireworks either. That east coast wire party sounds like a blast. I will get my parents to drive my scruffy butt to PA. I have never met another wire, the closest I came was 2 smoothies on the ferry last week.