Sunday, July 29, 2007

Of Dogs, Cats, Fishes and the Nicest People Ever!

What a fun weekend! I got to play with many friends. Have I told you about my friend Basil, a little hairy Cairn terrier? He is a crazy fella - full of energy and spunk. I can barely keep up with him. My dogwalker P was watching him for the weekend so she brought him over to play. We raced up the stairs and started wrestling on Mom and Dad's bed. Mom was rather nervous as Basil is a Pee-head - he is forever peeing everywhere...but we forgive him in the main, 'cos he is so cute. But Mom would not have appreciated pee on the our stint there was brief:

Today, Mom and Dad took me to visit my cousin Pepper, now known as Ricky Pepper - it was so nice to see him again and to meet his sisters Lucy and Chloe and many kitty siblings and fishies! Boy, his parents sure are animal lovers, and they have a great house and back yard to play in. I was mad at Dad for refusing to drive me to Massachewsits to visit Gracie when the parents go to South Africa soon - and frankly, I got really nervous when we went to check out a kennels two weeks ago. I can't imagine staying there for 20 days separated from humans and dogs alike. So I am VERY happy to report, that Ricky Pepper's wonderful parents have offered to take me into their home and look after me while my parents are away. I think I will be very happy to stay with them and to have such great friends to play with. Mom and Dad are ever so happy and relieved -- we all agree we couldn't hope to find nicer people to watch over me!

Here I am with Ricky Pepper - see how he's grown! We were both smiling at Cee, Ricky Pepper's Mommy and hoping she had a snack up her sleeve..

Here the two doxies - Ricky Pepper and Lucy (8 months) check out my private parts - it was mighty weird being the tallest guy in the house!

And here you can see Chloe the Beagle - she's more or less my age, bit older and she likes to bark!

And finally, here I am checking out one of three cats that share the house. I like kitties and look forward to making their acquaintance in the future...

After meeting these wonderful people and creatures, I came home, jumped up onto my favorite spot, and went to sleep while the Food Network played in the background (I prefer it to Animal Planet anytime! Scrumptuous!).



Asta said...

Hi Axel
That looks like a funnest weekend with all those doggie pals...I love that last pictuwe of you the best.
I had a vewy misewable weekend, cwying and being bwoken heawted about my sweet puppy fwiend Oscar..I still can't believe he's gone
sad smoochie kisses

Wiry Axel said...

I wept too Asta...he was too young to leave us and I have been thinking about his poor parents all weekend. Mom's been hugging me a lot too - I think she is projecting a lot - thinking how she would survive if anything GF happened to me like it did to Oscar.
I'm trying to focus on OSCAR - I am sure he is happily frolicking on the other side...


Koobuss said...

You are a lucky guy, Axel. You get two vacations. One down the shore and now one with great people who have their own built in dogs for you to play wth. Way to go, Ax!! You are doing something right!!

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

I also miss Oscar. We cried too.

Momo :) said...

Hi Axel, it's so nice to see the picture of you, chole, Ricky and Lucy!!

Momo xoxo

Ricky Pepper said...

Hi Ax,

Actually it's 4 kitties ;) at my house but I think the others were hiding, tee-hee! Yes, my mom & dad LOVE animals and will be thrilled for you to stay with us for a whole 20 days! I am so excited I peed on myself and mommy had to give me a bath today.

Ricky "P" - Man