Monday, June 18, 2007

My Kingdom for a Pool!

As you all know, I love to swim. I love to put my head under the water. I like to dance about and get wet all over! But all I ever swim in is a fountain. I have yet to experience the joys of a swimming pool. But boy I did come close yesterday...

We were at Dad's sister's place - I saw my cousin Jakie - a 9 year old lab mix - to celebrate Father's day (not that I did anything for my Dad - but then again, being a discerning Wirey guy, I don't appreciate these crass, commercial holidays...). They have a HUGE yard, about the size of Fairmount Park! First I was happy to sniff the grass and go up and down the jungle gym...

But then, oh my, I spotted a POOL, a great big body of water - right in front of me...

Oh how I longed to jump in that cool water. I stared and stared, hoping I could copy that mind freak guy I see on TV and will the fences to dissolve. I tried, really I did. But there was no way to get through the two barricades to the heavenly pool that lay just beyond my reach. Oh sadness...

Then you get lucky lucky wires like my pal Chewie who has his own backyard pool and sent me this photo this morning. Man I envy Chewie - that is precisely what I would have done had I been able to tear through those darn fences!!!

Anyway, I will choose to believe that there is a pool somewhere in my future! Keep your paws crossed for me!



Smitty said...

Poor Axel, at least you have the fountain. Say, give Chewie a ring and ask if you can go over and visit his pool, um, I mean visit him!

Your pal Smitty

Gus said... is a plan

1. Move to Azrizona
2. Buy a house with a pool

mission accomplished is easier to buy a house WITH a pool than one without! And the invitation to visit is still open. We don't have a pool, but my friend Jim next door does, and I am welcome the day before the pool guy comes.

Wiry Axel said...

That's a good plan Gus...just don't think my folks can pull it off. Have you seen their bank account? Yeah, pretty depressing stuff...barely enough to keep me in Dingos and marrow bones.
thanks for the invite pal. Chewy lives nearer than Arizona, in Pa, so maybe I can experience his pool soon.


Jackson said...

Hey waterboy! I just don't get the swimming thing. But if it makes you happy, I hope you get your own pool someday... J x

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Axel,

I swim in my play pool and splash awound like you do all the time, but once I got to swim in a hooman pool and it was so pawsome! You'd love it.

xxx Asta down under

gracie said...

Hey, Axie! It's your love, Gracie! I just caught up on your site -boy, do I miss you!! I love my new yard but I'm sooo lonely for you!

Glad to see you're still swimming. I went over to visit my cousins last Friday, and they brought me in the smelly swamp. What fun! Mom was not as excited asme when she saw - or smelled- me, but I don't care, it was fun to just play with other dogs.

I miss you my love,

Come see me soon!

Wiry Axel said...

Oh Gracie, is that really YOU!? Oh how I long for you. I sit in the dog park and stare off towards the street hoping against all hope that you will show your beautiful face. But alas, you never do. I miss you so much and I'm hoping hoping hoping Mom and Dad will consider leaving me with you while they bugger off to Africa. Imagine, 3 weeks together!? It will be a reunion and our honeymoon.

Kisses and wrestles,
Your buddy always,

Asta said...

Axel, I just know you dweam will come twue..I wish I was bwave like you, I went in the kiddie pool at the run for about a minute and jumped out I got so scawed..I'm ashamed...maybe you could coach me
I'll keep my paws cwossed for you to get to go swim in a fabulous pool(Gussie's invitation sounds tempting, no?)
smoochie kisses

Jackson said...

Hey Axel, I'm just replying to your comment about my bed. It's called a terrier tunnel and yes, it does look a bit like a bathmat! Here's a link to it:
It's sooooo comfy. Sometimes I lay right inside so no-one can see me. J x