Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mother on the Rampage

Uh oh. Mom got her tits in a tangle yesterday!

Around 6pm, we went for our walk and it was very very hot, around 90F. Naturally Mom thought I'd enjoy a swim, so we walked towards our favorite fountain which you've all seen in pictures on my blog before. When we finally got to the fountain - quite a long walk - I jumped right in and dunked my head under the water again and again. Then mom sat down and dangled her feets in the water. And then suddenly, this mean lady dressed in black and white, with a gold shield on her bosom, marched over to us and ordered us out the fountain! She did the same to some children who were about to jump in too.

Mom demanded to know who had ordered her to order us out the fountain. She said it was the mean old Commissioner of Fairmount Park. She was quite apologetic, professed her love of canines etc, especially swimming canines, but said she had to do her job, that she was being watched by security surveillance cameras. Mom understood but she was steamed! I disobeyed the guard when she wasn't looking and jumped in and out a few times - that made mom grin.

Anyway, when we got home, I heard mom run up to my computer and hit those keys, all the time cursing under her breath. When she left this morning for work, I got on my computer and retrieved the email she sent...uh oh, she wrote to our local newspaper. Here is her letter:

June 27, 2007

Dear Editor,

So it's come to this...Policing of the fountains! Yesterday in the 85F heat, my dog Axel and I went for a walk in the evening along Kelly drive, to the Azalea Gardens and onwards past the Waterworks restaurant. Just past the restaurant, we were both delighted to come upon a fountain. Axel, being very fond of swimming, jumped right in, put his head under the water and jumped about in glee. Feeling hot myself, I sat down and dangled my feet in the cool water. Suddenly, a guard appeared out of nowhere, resplendent in a black and white uniform, shaking her hand at me and demanding that we both get out of the water. I asked her politely why we were not allowed to cool off in a public fountain - we have done this many times at the fountain at the top of the Art Museum stairs and on Eakins Oval and never been stopped before.

I was informed that she was employed by the city on behalf of the Commissioner of Fairmount Park and her orders were to stop man and beast from setting foot or paw in the fountains. She was quite apologetic, repeating that she was only doing her job and that she was being observed by the surrounding security cameras. While my dog and I stood there, a group of kids tried to jump in the fountain for some respite from the heat, and were also prevented from doing so.

Does the City of Philadelphia have nothing else to worry about that they now have to pay security guards to police fountains? Perhaps the Commissioner lives in the burbs and has a fabulous swimming pool but there are many city dwellers who don't enjoy that luxury. So why deprive us of a dip in a fountain? This is yet another example of the screwed up priorities of the City of Philadelphia.

Daniella Slon and Axel

Boy oh boy, she included me in her diatribe! And she sent them that photo of me and Austin in the fountain. Hope it doesn't lead to our arrest!!!



Asta said...

Your Mommi is absowutely wight!!!!
What's the point of fountains if no one can enjoy them...stooopid commissioner, hope he gets heat stwoke.
I'm glad you managed to dunk's too d*^#$ HOT to be out of water for long...good luck finding wefweshing places....I only have the kiddie pool at the doggie wun, and the hose....I'm a city doggie too
smoochie kisses

Lenny said...

Good for you Axel - terriers are good at disobedience, but that's great you're putting your talents toward civil disobedience. You can change the world! Stay cool!

Your friend, Lenny

Ricky Pepper said...

Axel, I think you should have "accidentally" bumped the guard so she would fall into the fountain! Maybe if she cooled off a little, she would be more relaxed. Aren't there pit bull fighters in Philly that need to be apprehended? Why pick on the little guys?? If I was there I would have bitten her ankles!

Anonymous said...

Hi Axel,

Swimming looks fun, its really hot here in Philly. I get to go to the beach sometimes, but we have to go to the special dog beach.

Maybe we can meet up some time and play? Stay cool and swim alot.

The Bebster

Gus said...

Axel: Up the Terriers! but you better pack your little overnight bag in case they come to get you in the wee hours of the morning!

We hope you stay cool, in or out of the fountain!

Tell your momma that it is quite a bit warmer here, and is she sure she wants to visit?

Anonymous said...

Yo, Ax -

You probably SHOULD be arrested, just for general incorrigibility.


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Axel, way to go! J x

Jen said...

Hi Axel,

My name is Elliott. I am a 5-month old WFT living in Manayunk and I'd love to know where or who styles your hair. Mine is starting to get a little long and yours looks so nice!


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Axel,

I'm sowy that the mean old cop made you get out of the fountain. I love to swim too and ruin the Ph balance in any body of water I come into contact with. You go for it and tell that bad ol' cop that she will have to reckon wif the 2 Astas!

xxx Asta down under

Daniella said...

Hey Jen,
You have a wire and you live in Manayunk. We must meet and chat!!! Email me at editordan2002 at yahoo and I'd be happy to tell you where Ax gets groomed. In fact he is going tomorrow!!!

Axel's Mom