Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hanging in the 'Hood

Yesterday we had our first WARM day in ages and ages. Mom and Dad took me for a long walk and to play with my friends by Lincoln Memorial and on the way back, we all just hung out outside our house - the humans enjoyed a beer/cooldrink and us dogs enjoyed our water and chilling with eachother.

Here I am on Dad's lap and in the background is Gracie's sister Kila. She's a very mellow chick:

Here is Gracie's bro Dozer - he's getting bigger every day. I have fun wrestling with him:

Wow, here is Dad surrounded by all of us. Radar is the big dude at left who walked by and said hello. I am still on Dad's lap, Gracie is in front of me, and Kila behind us.

I love this photo. Me and my Gracie - best pals in the world. Oh how I will miss her when she leaves in a few weeks!

Gracie lives in a zoo. Did I mention that? She also has two feline siblings. Here is Mojo the almost completely black cat hanging out in our flowerpot. I like to play with Mojo, we get along very well.

Dad seems to be enjoying a joke in this photo. Next to him is Dee - Gracie, Kila, Dozer and Mojo's mommy.

And here we all are again, this time also with our neighbor (the nice one) B and also visiting is Hailey, a breed of we're not sure what - Beagle and something...she is 9 years old and lives across the road - she barks a lot cos she's not used to us yet.

And finally - Dad yet again (obviously Mom prefers being the photographer than the model) with me, Gracie and Dozer.

Oh I love long summer days, hanging out with neighbors, being outdoors!
I hope this is the first of many wonderful days -- though they won't really be the same without Dee, Gracie, Dozer, Kila and Mojo.


PS In a few hours I'm going to get my haircut! Hope I don't come out looking like some crazy apparation.


Asta said...

Hi Axel
We have stoop-sitting in my neighborhood too..It's great seeing everybody you know walking by and saying hello...finally the weather is nice here too, and I got to go play with my friends at the run, now I'm going to go catch some ZZZZZZZZZZs
have a great weekend
smoochie kisses ASTA

Molly the Airedale said...

With this warmer weather coming, you'll love your haircut Axel! I can't wait for another one! I love to stay cool! Be sure to take pictures of your new do, okay?

Love ya lots,

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Axel,
I'm a lappy dog too! xxx Asta down under

Linda said...

Hey Axel,
It's me Snickers! Mama has been working on my hair too. I won't even let her take my picture til she has me all done, hehehe! Good luck with your haircut.
Wirey Hugs!

Gus said...

Hellllo Axel! I've been missing you. Great pictures of you and your buddies. Can you explain muzzers to me? Mine does not like the front end of the camera pointed toward her at all...but she is sure quick to point that thing at me.

Oh well, one pays the price for beauty, I guess. Happy spring.

Anonymous said...

If you come north to visit Gracie in Massachewsetts- you HAVE to visit us!

Pippin and Maggie

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Hey Axel, you have lots of pals, don't you? I'm a bit of a loner except when Molly & Seamus are around. Looking forward to seeing you new 'do! J x

Lucy The Great Dane said...

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