Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring is almost here!

Tomorrow is officially spring so I thought I'd help Mom and do some cleaning. I thought I'd start by going through the bathroom trash...

Of course my work is never appreciated...Mom had a titty fit.

We had another ice storm on Friday - it was raining ice, it was very weird! Dad has been on sole dog walking duty since Mom is too scared of walking on the ice since her fall a few weeks ago. Poor Mom, or should I say, poor Dad?

Sorry this is quite dull, not much goes on here in winter - just playing with toys, eating the odd dingo or bone and lots of sleep. Me and Dad tend to fall asleep in front of the TV, together, at night.

Spring it tomorrow! Yippee, enough of this snow and cold!!



Bogart said...

Excellent deconstruction there Axel - humans always have to pretend that they don't appreciate our artistic efforts, but deep inside I know that they're always PROUD.

You're an artiste!


Maggie said...

My yard sure doesn't look like spring! We have ice covered snow everywhere and it's starting to get depressing. I wanna see green grass and pee on earth!

Love ya lots,

Wee Wiggly WFT said...

Axel, my old pal! I'm so sorry I haven't said "hello" in a while--mum's been hogging the computer with all of her work stuff and I've had no time at all! I'm so sorry that you weren't feeling well! My first thought was the recalled food! SCARY! Anyway, glad to hear that you are better! Also glad to hear that your mum didn't get hurt too badly with her fall on the ice! Take care, pal!

AstaLaVista Baby said...

Hey Ax,
Thanks for the welcome Habibi - and mazel tov on the great job of cleaning up the house! I also try to help out as much as I can. Glad to hear your mom calls - I only get e-mails.
Shalom and xxx, Asta