Monday, February 26, 2007

Snow Hound

My favorite dog walker P took this cute pic of me in the snow today - we got another few inches overnight but not too much ice this time. Do I not look the epitomy of cuteness?

What? huh? oh no...I'm being forced off my computer...arghhhhhhhhh!

Hello. This is the rubber balloon toy speaking. You'll remember me from yesterday's post. Well, I am but a shadow of my former self. If you saw me now you would notice that I am without my string and I have two huge holes in my side courtesy of that horrid little wiry creature, the author of this erstwhile blog. He all but ripped me to pieces, silenced my voice forever. I fear you will not hear from me again as he is not done yet. He is intent on killing me outright. So it is goodbye for now fleeting friends...gaze upon my complete visage of yesterday and remember me fondly.

Oh God, I see big teeth coming my way...oh no!!!!

It's me Axel, I'm back. That stupid balloon toy tricked me. I'll show him! He's a goner now!!!!!!!!



Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

"All toys must be destroyed", that's my motto. Good work! J x

Liberty Doo Dah said...

Guess Mr. Ballon toy was not proven to be WFT worthy! Figures that you would pick that toy from all the others! Hah! Destroy!

PS: Very cute pic, Axel. What was mum sayin to you at the time? Kookie?

Anonymous said...

Axel bud!
My BESTEST TOY is my basketball. pat human got me a BASKETBALL at walmart for $3.97(?). She deflated it enough so i can carry it around in my mouth.
I run around with it, I can't really tear it up- TOO TOUGH of a hide!
If I shake it, it sounds like an animal being shook to death. Way cool!
Tell your humans to get you a BASKETBALL!

Dean-O! said...

Not only ’cute’, you look the picture of total innocence! Work it, boy!