Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Tower of Dog Poop

Thanks to my alert friend BigFoot Fletch for bringing this stinky story to my attention.
It seems that those crazy Hollywood types, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have risen to new hights of celebrity ridiculousness. They had a pup a while ago named Suri (well they purported to have one - noone's seen the baby girl) and it seems they came to the brilliant idea of introducing her to the world via "a bronze cast depicting her first solid stool." I looked up stool in the dictionary - and that my friends means - they have turned her POOP into a sculpture.

"The scatological sculpture -- more doodoo than Dada -- is purportedly cast from 19-week old Suri's first bowel movement and will be shown at the Capla Kesting gallery in Brooklyn, New York, before being auctioned off on Ebay for the March of Dimes."

Well, even I, Axel G Chocholoza, master blogger and dog of many words, cannot think of anything appropriate to say about this story.

Give me a minute.

Ok. I"m now ready to comment. I find Suri's poop extremely boring-looking. My poops are far more interesting and colorful, just yesterday I pooped out a log replete with red and blue balloons I had snacked on in the park!

If poop can be art, then I call on all us dogs to unite, gather and poop together in one spot. Can you imagine, we could build a 100 storey sculpture of poop, and then invite some fancy artist to cast the whole thing in bronze. It could be placed alongside the Statue of Liberty which welcomes all human visitors to the United States. Our Dog Poop Sculpure could be the welcoming symbol to dogs the world over. I think it's an awesome idea! The Statue of Liberty and the Tower of Dog Poop - welcoming symbols to all! Just remember, you heard it first here!

In other news...I got an email from Mango and Party to tell me they had nominated my blog as Cool Blog of the Day on, and they were successful! My blog will be featured as Cool Blog of the Day on Saturday, September 2! Of course I am doing a jig as this is the first award I've received, and frankly, it's about frigging time! Thanks to my Singaporean pals for their efforts! You guys rock!

Wishing all my American friends a great long Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately the weather sucks thanks to that selfish cretin Ernesto!



Pippin said...

More DooDoo than Dada. Thought Tom was a Scientologist but i guess he is actually a Scatologist.

I always suspected he was full of crap!


does it smell?

Gus said...

That poop sculpture has never seen a diaper. Which leads to some interesting questions......

Maggie (Pippin's better half) said...

Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theories offer a systematic analysis which explicitly links excrement and artmaking. Disavowal facilitates Freud's sense of artmaking as a sublimated anal urge while, at the same time, the purpose of artmaking seems, tautologically, to prove the efficacy of sublimation. Sublimation exerts itself as a kind of patrimony; the urge to make art has something to do with totemism, a visualization of God. Barnett Newman, for example, wanted his paintings to create the sensation of Man standing in judgment before God. The materiality of physical artwork operates on the order of the sacred, that which lies outside the sphere of utility, bringing together what is deemed worthless with that which supersedes all values. Freud suggested one factor that structures this opposition; in the infantile mind feces appear as a detachable phallus, in other words, as the first artificial signifier. This too seems to approximate the semiotic status of the artwork. Yet it is important not to treat Freud's ideas deterministically, i.e., to insist that beneath the surface of every artwork lurks shit and that the unrealized goal of every artist is to model feces. Rather, Freud volatilizes a historically relative network of meanings, latent and overt. These in part comprise the not-always-rational a priori of valuation and evaluation processes, economic or aesthetic--the separation between the two is somewhat artificial. The broad contrast between the indolent orality of the feudal system, in which the symbolic power of the nobility was rooted in its potential for waste and prodigality, and the comparative anal retentiveness of capital, which seeks to waste nothing and to recuperate every expenditure, illustrates at least one way in which Freudian thought may be bound up in its particular historical milieu. As the feminist critic Juliette Mitchell put it, Freudianism is not a matter of hunting down phallic symbols, but rather it is a means of interrogating a (patriarchal) culture in which all signification tends to be phallic in nature. For an artist to deliberately incorporate fecality in her or his work, then, is to make art about art via a psychoanalytic detour. Ironically, the detour may be more significant than the self-referentialism; it at least shows selfhood to be a construct. The contradiction is that this excremental self-consciousness tends to render the artwork in question decidedly less fecal insofar as feces begins to be understood primarily as an aesthetic vehicle. Moreover, one wonders, "How threatening is real shit?" And the answer is, "Not terribly." Rather, it seems that it is the artworks operating under the sign of Beauty or the Sublime which commit truly fecal indiscretions against which the "transgressive" artist can't compete: the waist-high sculpture with thick orange scales, the paintings of lemons rendered in tar, the monument on the square. Just as psychoanalysis made its cultural interventions through various forms of allegory (the primal father, the Oedipus complex, "acting out," etc.), so art which takes its own fecality into account is necessarily allegorical art--and the stuff of allegory is never what it purports to be. It is precisely through this allegorical transformation that so-called scatological art holds out its potential for the practice of a nonreductive, materialist (i.e., politicized) aesthetics.

Pippin said...

In other words---a load of crap! Come on Mummy Maggie!

Wiry Axel said...

Your note was so long and so complicated I admit I fell asleep reading it. Sorry pal...I'm not as intellectual as I imagined after all...


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Ooooh Mag - definitely not for a short attention span terrier!

But that poop looks solid - I have never seen baby poop but isn't it - well - not solid?

Bussie Kissies

I believe all my poops and dumps should be bronzed

Sunshade said...

OMG....I don't believe this, Tom is crazier than I thought...

I personally like MY poop better LOL.

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Way to go Axel - Cool Site of the Day :-) Very impressive :-) and well deserved !


Wiry Axel said...

Thanks Opy, can you convince your Dad to now make me Dog with Blog's site of the that would rock!!!

jaffeboy said...

For a 19 week old, I must say that is some wicked poo!!! What was she fed?!

Now, my doodoo is colorful too. It depends on which colored ball I get to play with the night before! hahaha...

fee said...

yes, yes, axel! we could build one massive poop sculpture for the guiness records! i do nice interesting ones too!


Wiry Axel said...

Yes Fee, and we can make it so tall you'll be able to see it from Singapore...or we could build several in many countries. We all know there is enough poopie to go around!

Dean-O! said...

I am SO glad that this was not the trophy for winning Petster of the Month ':¬}

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