Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Speaking of confessions...

I peed on the couch today!

Heh heh heh

Now I only have half a couch to bounce up and down on as Mom removed the sodden cushion and soaked it in the Miracle stuff. They are not very happy with me. For half the evening they've been trying to work out when and why I did the deed.

I'm keeping my snout shut. I don't want to ruin their fun.
I think I'll go raid Dad's cooler now (he takes it to work every day filled with iced bottles of water), steal a bottle of water, take a swig of the icy coolness and eat the bottle...


PS George Won the Contest!


Fruit Girl said...


You dont know me but I think that your blog is cool and that the dog in all the pictures is cute. I have an awesome dog, she is very small, white, and curly (sorry I know what kind of dog she is but I dont know how to spell it). I love her. Well good work on you blog and good bye.
Fruit girl

Gus said...

oh Axel! That was not a nice thing to do. Even Teka has not peed on the couch, and she has peed almost everywhere else in the house, including two nights in a row on muzzer's feet!

I know what happened though, I'll bet that you got excited and barked at something outside and your bad bark collar shocked you so you lost control.

You might want to try that one on your parents. Maybe get a little sympathy at the same time, hehe.

Mussie Gussie

Ivy said...

tee hee axel! you are such a trubble-maker! if i did all that stuff i wud get so many scoldings and i wuf feel so bad.

that cold icy water sounds reely good! all i ever get is dog water in a bowl or sumtimes in a frisbee.

Wired for Mackie said...

Ax- Isn't the couch one of your favorite spots? I know I love my couch and would'nt pee on it, or my bed (but I have peed on Mom and Dad's bed! hehehehe) You must have had something happen to you to pee on the couch. You're mad about the darn collar, aren't you? i would be too- Wires should bark a lot, don't your neighbors understand? Sheez.

Signed your pal, Mackie (another misunderstood WFT)

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Peed on the couch!!!! Now that's a new one to me....Watch out you might electrocute yourself with that bark collar if you step in the pee!

Bussie Kissies