Monday, July 17, 2006

My Mom is a Young Bitch


I heard it is not polite to reveal how old a woman I'll just say she's a tad over 5 doggie years! Mom says that sounds much better than putting it in human terms.

I bought Mom a card which Dad signed on my behalf 'cos I'm not so good with a pen. I was hoping for some birthday cake, but Dad seemingly forgot to make one! Shame on him!

It is 101F today so Dad and Mom refuse to take me to the dog park. What a bunch of wussies! I'm going to go stand at the door and look miserable. Maybe they'll get the hint.



Life with Ozzy said...

You tell your mom happy birthday from mom and me.

Ozzy & Jen

Gus said...

Tell your mom "Feliz Cumpleanos a Gus" so she can see how much I have assimilated into the Santa Fe culture. Yo soy un perrocito muy guapo!

ps. mi mamacita tienes mucho anos, even in dog years.

AbbyK9 said...

Happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ax--
My mom bought me a stamp that says SYDNEY that I can use to stamp important cards like for Father's Day or Mother's Day. I like to use a paw stamp to make a special remembrance of me on the card.

Just an idea!

I hope you get some cake....


Sydney from Lancaster, PA (home of Floyd Landis, leader of the Tour de France!!!)

Wired for Mackie said...

Hey Ax- Say Happy Birthday to your mom! We didn't know it was her birthday- she kept it so quiet!

p.s to Sydney- Yippee Floyd Landis! My daddy is a cyclist too, so we are watching the tour and routing for Floyd (finally an American worth rooting for!)We come to Lancaster often, sometimes my daddy rides his bike there from our home in Easton< MD. Nuts, I know!