Monday, March 06, 2006

And now for some bad news...

Oh dear. I am afraid I have some bad news to tell you. It has become positively impossible to penetrate the computer room on a regular basis. I fear one day soon Mom will get Dad to put a lock on that door and then my blogging days will be over. But let us hope that it doesn't come to that. For now I need to tell my faithful fans that I do not think I can blog every day Monday to Friday as I have been doing. Looks like I will manage three times a week tops if I can manage to be a very stealthy wire...

But on to happier things! Boy did I strike gold today in the park! I was running with my pal Leelo, the fox-like creature who doesn't play, she just sprints and eggs me to run after her, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a big white roll! I gave up the chase, and galloped over to the roll, which suddenly looked infinitely more appealing! Of course, Leelo noticed that she was no longer being pursued, then noticed the delicious morsel in my mouth, and ran in my direction. No way was I sharing my find, so I bolted and in a "roll" reversal, Leelo chased me! Boy what a blast...until Mom caught me and stole my roll!! She pretended to throw it like a ball for me to catch, but as soon as I looked in that direction, she did some magician's act and hocus-pocus, it was gone! I was mad as hell I tell you! But then I spotted some interesting smelling poop and forgot about the roll.

Isn't life droll?


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Dean said...

Axel, a dog with your rap sheet should have no trouble picking the lock.
Your Montreal pal,