Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Gift from My Love

Boy are my blog fans in luck today! A double blog edition! And for this post, you can thank my dear Miss Amelia!

When Mom got home from work, there was a knock at the door. I was already on my perch monitoring the goings on outside (see below) - when I spied the Fedex man. I like the Fedex man, as opposed to the mailman - 'cos he often brings me gifts!

When Mom came in and I saw the box, I could smell my Miss Amelia and I knew instinctively that it was from her! Quick as a flash, I did a jig.
Then I followed Mom to the kitchen to get the cutting knife and back to the couch for the official gift opening! As soon as the box was open, I stuck my snout inside to see what she'd sent!

Inside was this awesome green and purple plush tug-o-war toy that makes a noise when you shake it! I love it! (How I wish Miss Amelia was on the other end to play with me. *sigh*)

Which is more than I can say for the box of Frontline...I can't eat or chew it...I guess Miss Amelia wants her lover to be germ free and healthy? For goodness sakes Miss Amelia, don't you remember that it's me? I eat condoms for good measure! Well, the Frontline was a tad boring...although Mom and Dad were very impressed. What impressed me was the big bag of treats! I jumped about until Mom opened the bag and let me sample a few. They were delish!

Thank you my darling Miss Amelia. I will accept this as an early Valentine gift.
You will be my Valentine, won't you? (Please don't tell Luci, Gracie, Daisy or the other bitches...)


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Bogie said...

Hey Axel,
It's cool you have so many friends. Especially ones that send you new toys. You just never can have enough, can you?
On a sad note, I followed your links at the bottom of the blog and see that Pepper died in January. He was a great looking Wire.
Bogie Man