Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I feel like doing a jig! I just received word that little Asta, that sweet gal I featured in my premiere edition of "Take Me Home" yesterday, and who has been on my mind, has found a forever family!

Is this not just the happiest news!? Asta sweetie, I wish you all very best in your new forever home - may you finally get the love and attention you deserve.

Unfortunately there are other Wires still seeking homes in Brooklyn and Upstate NYC - I'll be posting their stories tomorrow.



ave fénix que renace said...

Hi Axel,
That's great news about Asta - thanks for putting her info on your blog! I found my forever home two years ago when my humans read about ME on the internet, so I am especially happy for her.
My mom and I read your blog every day and enjoy it a lot.
From fellow handsome and intelligent WFT Lenny

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan so youmight like akc rescue

fee said...
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fee said...

Hi Axel,

Cool site! Can I link it to my blog? Visit me at :)

I'm a feisty six-month-old from sunny Singapore!