Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well dear friends, I am nothing if true to my word. I promised I would go out and buy a Halloween costume yesterday, and I did. I shlepped Mom after work to Petsmart in the 5p.m. Friday traffic, so intent was I to show you all that I too am a fun loving wire! Dad is calling me a hypocrite for buying a costume after my diatribe against the practice. He may be right, but my defense is that it is for the best cause possible - a way to enter the Fashionable Dog category in the FTN photo contest to help dogs less fortunate than myself! And, I have to admit, it is rather fun dressing up and making a bigger fool of myself than usual. And I'm still hoping to get lots of cookies from amused strangers on Halloween!

After perusing the costumes on display, I settled for this one, because I enjoyed chewing the pom-pom tail! So without more ado, ladies and gentlemen and fellow foxies, here I am in costume! Go ahead, laugh at me, have a COW!

The weird thing is, when I had it on, I had this intense need to moo and eat grass...go figure.
Mom thinks I could be the mascot for Chik -Fil-A!

Not only do I look cute in my costume, but today I heard that I was voted October Dog of the Month on! Mom and Dad are kvelling and I can't wait to pick out my prize. Thanks to all my friends who voted, I feel so happy!

Today I went for my third vet visit - there I was, anxious to get in to see the vet, while the other dogs stood shaking in the waiting room. Afterwards, Mom, Dad and I went on a picnic to PennyPack Park. I'd never been there before - it's so beautiful and lush, so many things to sniff and see! Two years ago, Mom and Dad had a date there, so they were reminsicing about it and I got pretty bored so I climbed up on this big rock, and then ran down the steep side of it, and kind of fell onto the sand below. You should have heard Mom and Dad laugh at me!

Mom wasn't laughing earlier, in fact she was very mad at me! When she put on her glasses this morning, she couldn't see clearly out of them, she assumed they were dirty. But upon further investigation, she discovered that yours truly had stolen them off her nightstand while she was sleeping in this morning, and chewed them, leaving teeth incisions in the glass! Boy was I in trouble! Mom threatened to ask the vet to pull my teeth, but I know she wasn't being serious. How can I explain to her what a tasty treat glass is? Hair and glass, two of my favorite chew things! ha!

I'm all tuckered out now from the park, so I'm going to have a nap. So much excitement in the last 24 hours, wow! Life rocks!



MMM said...

Somehow, "oy" seems appropriate....
(And how many people voted for you? Has the chihuahua demanded a recount yet?)

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jon said...

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Bamboozle said...

Ha-ha-ha! Teach you to make fun of my Pumpkin costume!! ; ) My mom dresses up like Snoopy... how about your mom? My mom is taking my sister Libby to a Halloween party, and Libby is dressing as a witch. I thought you were supposed to wear a costume, not clothes that reflect your real personality! (I think I'm gonna get bit...!)

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