Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Help! I Look Like A Freak!

Boy did I get massacred at Petsmart Groomers yesterday. In under 2 hours and for less than $25 they told my parents that I had been stripped. But just look at me - do I look like a fine speciman of striphood? I think not!

I look like a damn poodle...not that I have anything against poodles, some of my best friends are poodles, but we Wires are not supposed to be fluffballs. And can you see my eyes? I can't! I look silly. This is embarracing. I may have to hide out and refuse to go on walks!

Anyway Mom swears that she will sue Petsmart if my colors start fading...and they will not be taking me back there. Phew. Dad says he will learn how to strip me. Uh oh...this could get interesting. Oh and to add insult to injury, they attached a big orange bow to my collar saying Happy Halloween! I looked like some sort of perverted Halloween gift! I tried to bite it off, but couldn't, so Mom cut it off and threw it away.

Wilma the Hurricane is blowing through Philly today - it hasn't stopped pouring! It's not fair - why does the rain always coincide with Mom's Jewish hols off work days. She is off today and tomorrow again for Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah -- but looks like we'll all just be hanging out at home. Perhaps not a bad thing given my weird haircut!

Last night Mom made some tuna casserole and tossed a few noodles into my bowl. Unbeknownst to Dad, I took them downstairs to the basement and hid them in dad's backpack so I could eat them at a later stage. Just my luck - Dad found them instead. You should have heard Mom and Dad laugh at me! What is so damn funny about hiding noodles in a backpack? I don't get it at all.



NewhampshireMan12 said...

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Anonymous said...

I took my Jack to PetSmart and his head has faded. It is also hard to try to strip him because the hair on his head is so very soft.

Anonymous said...

I think you still look cute!! Chechu from Rosario, Argentina.

Jill said...

It doesn't look like you were stripped. I think someone gave you a trim with the scissors and a good comb through instead. I would have your mom ask to speak to the groomers, and find out just what they did. Hang in there - hair grows back!

Windwizard said...


Hold your chin whiskers high. Real Terriers (such as you and myself) can carry off any haircut with distinct "terrierness". Continue to be jaunty and tell the other dogs at the park that you got your poodle hunting hairdo for hunting season - quite fashionable!
As you can see from this Poodle site these haircuts are quite the thing for hunting season. http://www.poodleclubofamerica.org/performance.htm#WCWCX

Whiskers up old boy!

Moira's Big Brother - Windwizard

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